Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Seminar Sustainable Interior Design and Decorator



Biwa, together with Bedo and Bali Now, will organize a one day seminar of Sustainable Interior Design
and Decoration for a better environment on Saturday, 17th May 2008 at Ayodya Resort ex-Bali Hilton, Nusa Dua
John Eussen will be the keynote speaker, together with other speakers on green and environmental issues;
Emerald Starr (USA) will be the moderator of this event. He has undergone intensive training in this field of work,
training led personally by Mr. Gore and assisted by climate scientists and professional presenters. Emerald shares
Mr. Gore's passion for educating people about the climate crisis that he has been highlighting throughout
the past decade.

John Eussen (Australia), one of our panelists, has been working across several areas of the interiors and textiles
industry for over 20 years and he is also one of Al Gore's ambassadors. He will be joined with the other panelists
Agus Djailani of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Nils Wetterlind (Sweden) from Tropical Homes Bali,
Yuyun from Bali Fokus and Amir Sunarko the CEO of PT. Sumalindo Lestari Jaya Tbk.

This is a good opportunity for all of us to take part in this seminar and so gain a better knowledge and perspective
of climate change issues. Let's join together to makea sustained effort to save our planet from global warming for
the benefit of future generations.

For more information, please contact:
Rosalina Norita
Tel: (62) 361 7447 500
Mobile: 081 657 2500
E-mail: norita@indosat.net.id



Please register with:
BIWA Centre. Attention Ms. Marcell
Jl. Tambak Sari No. 9X, Blanjong, Sanur
Phone: +62361 285 552 or +62361 7469 607
Fax: +62361 285 552

Kindly transfer Registration fee of Rp. 150,000 p.p. to:
Bank Name : Permata Bank
Account Holder : Yayasan Expor Pengembangan Bali
Account No. : 580 122 3232
Reference : "Your Company/Name"



1. Ayodya Resorts Bali - A Kingdom of Hospitality - http://www.ayodyaresortbali.com/
2. Toucan Eco Floors - In Harmony with The Earth - http://www.toucanecofloors.com/
3. PT. Sumalindo Lestari Jaya Tbk - Wood & Wood based Industry - http://www.sumalindo.com/
4. Matamera Communications - Marketing Communications & Brand Development

Media Partners:
1. FutureArc Magazine - New Architecture - http://www.futurarc.com/index.cfm
2. Bali Advertiser - Advertising for The Expatriate Community - http://www.baliadvertiser.biz/




In Harmony with the Earth

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hardwoods by producing meticulously sculpted flooring materials and introducing them to people living
around the world in a wide variety of urban environments.

Our deep beliefs in the principles of environmental sustainability compel us to promote the use of
alternative wood materials sourced from renewable plantation and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
certified forests. The wood floors produced from the materials sourced from these forests are uniquely
suited to creating personalized and distinctive living spaces in a wide variety of urban environments.

We redefine rich natural oriental motifs and transform them so that they blend into contemporary living
spaces, using elegantly detailed designs that take full advantage of natural wood grains to create a
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