Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Request for expression of interest

This email may appear as a surprise package to you, considering the fact that we are not previously known to each other, but you need not bother because of my choice of this medium.

I am Mr.Sandanathi Gwina managing director of African Legal,a specialised division of Deneys Reitz Inc.South Africa.African Legal provides complete commercial/ legal advisory services to discriminating high networth individuals and corporations,around the world.We are a specialised and respectful law firm which deals with individual legal representation in an efficient way with the basic criterion of maintaining client's confidentiality.

We want to use this medium to inform you about a cash deposit in an International banking account administered by our firm.This fund belonged to our client[name withheld] who is an Indonesian citizen and represented proceeds from his varied investments,in Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively.The fund was deposited by our client in the bank for investment in a major equity transaction in Indonesia,before his untimely death.Our client untill his death,was a moslem philantropist and have no surviving relations in South Africa and Indonesia,to the best of our knowledge.

Strict statutory provisions on intestate succession in South Africa,mandates that the property of a deceased who have no living survivors be forfeited to the municipal or federal authority and administered through public trustee.This informed our decision to seek and request to present somebody as the collateral relative of the deceased and the concurrent next of kin.We have all the necessary background information and documents needed to facilitate your confirmation as the beneficiary of the fund.We will ensure that the fund is transferred to you but on the condition that a proportion will be used for the establishment of a foundation in Indonesia for the promotion pluralism and gender equality in Indonesia,as wished by our late client.

Should this proposition meet your interest,don't hesitate to contact me immediately for more information and negotiation with the email below:

Mr.Sandanathi Gwina

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