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ASME B31 Code: Piping System and Pipeline Integrity - Bali

Al-Ikhlas Training Consulting menginformasikan mengenai Training ASME B31 CODES: PIPING SYSTEM & PIPELINE INTEGRITY yang akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 22-26 Desember 2008 di Hotel Pat Mase, Bali. Informasi lebih lanjut silakan hubungi Rita di (021) 70099944, (0251) 2786775 atau 0818792929.

Instruktur: DR. Ir. IGN Wiratmaja Puja
Tanggal 22-26 Desember 2008, Pat Mase, Bali
(Peserta diharapkan membawa Laptop)

•Piping Engineers
•Mechanical Engineers
•Maintenance Engineers and supervisors
•Service Engineers and supervisors
•Workover engineers and supervisors
•Plant Engineers
•Petroleum Engineers
•Corrosion Engineer/Specialist

The Piping Systems & Pipeline Code establishes rules of the design, inspection, maintenance and repair of piping systems and pipelines throughout the world. The objective of the rules is to provide a margin for deterioration in service. This course will center on the on the practical aspects of piping and pipeline design, integrity, maintenance and repair.

•The Participant will gain an in-depth knowledge of pipe and fitting material specifications, fabrication process and influence on mechanical properties of strength and toughness, to help in material selection and failure analysis.
•The participant will understand the technical background to the design equations, and their application to the design of piping systems and pipelines. The course addresses rules of good practice in layout of piping systems for reliable operation.
•The participant will gain a practical understanding of piping and pipeline corrosion mechanisms, how to recognize them, classify them and resolve them.
•The participant will be introduced to the latest techniques and research in piping and pipeline integrity to analyze a degraded condition due to either corrosion or mechanical damage.
•The participants will review case histories of field failures and will evaluate their cause and solutions to avoid recurrence.

•History of Pipeline Technology
•ASME Codes and Standards
•API Standards
•NACA, MSS-SP, PFI Standards
•Fundamentals of Maintenance and Integrity
•API 5Land ASTM Specifications
•Practical Aspects of Metallurgical Properties
•Chemistry and Material Test Reports
•Fabrication of Line Pipe and Forged Fittings
•Mechanical Properties: Strength and Toughness
•Overview of Pipe and Pipeline Welding Practice
•API 1104 and ASME IX Requirement
•Welding In-service: Challenge and Solutions
4.Integrity for Sustained Loads
Operating and Design Pressure
•How to Establish the System Design Pressure
•Introduction to Pressure Relief Valves
•Pipe and Pipeline Sizing Formula with Applications
•Rules of Good Practice in layout
•Pump and Compressor Piping
•How to Support a piping System
•Review of Support Types and their Application
•Lesson learned from Poor Support Practices
Temperature Effects
•Flexibility Layout Analysis
•Temperature Transients and Fatigue Damage
Vibration In Service
•Mechanical and Hydraulic Induced Vibration in Piping
•How to Measure Analyze Resolve Vibration
5.Integrity for Occasional Loads
Pressure Transients
•Recognizing and Solving Liquid Hammer
•Pump Station Transients
•Study of Pipeline Failures Due to Transient
•Two-Phase Liquid -Vapor Transients
•Two-Phase Liquid-Gas Transients
•Gas Discharge Transients
Buried Pipe
•Soil Loads
•Surface Loads
•Expansion of Buried Pipe
•Soil settlement
•n-service Movement of Pipeline
Pipeline Failures
•Study Case Histories
•Understanding Why Failures Occur and How to Avoid Them
6.Piping System Maintenance
•Flange and Mechanical Joints
•Overview of Different Types of Flanges and Application
•Gasket of Bolt Selection
•Causes of Flange Leaks and How to Resolve
•Case Study of Flange Failure
•Assembly of Flange Joints and Leak Tightness
•Pressure and Leak Testing
•The Difference Between Leak Testing and Pressure Testing
•Review of Difference Testing Techniques
•The Purpose of Hydro test
•How to Conduct a Hydro test
•Pipeline and Piping Systems Testing
•Pneumatic Testing
•Repair Techniques
•The New ASME Repair Standards
•The Fundamentals of Repair package
•Pipe and Component Replacement
•Grinding and welding
•Welded Sleeve: Type A and B
7.Corrosion, Assessment and Repairs Corrosion
•Introduction to Practical Corrosion
•Classification of Corrosion Mechanisms
•General Wall Thinning
•Local Corrosion: Galvanic Effects
•Crevice Corrosion
•Pitting Corrosion
•Environmental Effects
•Hydrogen and H2S Effects
•Microbiological Corrosion
•Corrosion Protection
•Cathodic Protection Overview
8.Michanicel Damage To Pipelines
•Dents and Gouges
•Ripples and Buckles
9.Fitness-for-Service Overview
•Application of ASME B31G to Determine Remaining Life
•Application of API 579 to General and Local Corrosion
•Analysis of Dents and Gouges in Pipelines
•How to Evaluate Cracks in Piping and Pipelines
10.Repair Techniques

5 (Five) Days


Dr. Ir. IGN Wiratmaja Puja gradueted from Mater Degree of Science in Engineering Mechanics and Doctor of Philosopy in Engineering Mechanics, University of Kentucky, USA. He earned his post Doctoral in Material and Solid Mechanics Dept of Mechanical and Inteligent System Engineering Tokyo Institute , Japan.

Date: Desember 22- 26, 2008
Time: 08.00 am - 16.00 pm
Venue: Pat Mase Hotel, Bali

Rp. 9.750.000,-
Pembayaran sebelum tanggal 15 Desember 2008 Rp. 9.250.000,-
-Do not include accommodation, however special rates will be available at the venue hotel for participants
-Training Materials/Kits, Certificate(s), Refreshment and Lunch included
-Tuition fee should be paid or transferred in full upon registration and payable to: Rita Salawati
Bank Mandiri KCP Soekarno Hatta
Account No. 130-0004452838

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Terimakasih atas perhatiannya.

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