Thursday, August 28, 2008

Don't Complain About Prospecting If You Haven't Done This...

Here’s how you can develop your own QUALIFIED Internet leads for pennies a day.

Getting on Page One of Google

Everyone knows that prospecting and lead generation get harder every day because more and more of the best prospects are using the Internet to research and decide what to buy and who to buy it from.

That's where the "Internet Experts" have most Financial Advisors by the throat, because they know a little bit more about the Internet and do everything they can to make it "mystical".

As traditional media gets lower and lower response, those "Internet Experts" get richer and richer by charging a fortune for consulting with no guarantee, or by selling the same leads over and over again to anyone that'll bite.

The truth is that it takes ZERO computer knowledge, and certainly no advanced education to be successful on the Web. But that's a secret that you'll never hear from those so-called "Experts", because their knowledge is so limited and that's all they have to sell.

Well, guess what: For a strictly limited group of Financial Advisors (for the sake of effectiveness) all those secrets are about to be revealed.

In fact, these Advisors will learn those secrets and they'll also learn about the NEW RULES OF THE INTERNET that have changed everything about search engine results in the past few months.

These changes have made most of the "secrets" that the traditional experts know WORTHLESS. That's why this program can GUARANTEE clients Page One of Google while all the experts can do is "try".

And, since this program can legitimately help so many, we can do it for a tiny fraction of what any of those experts have ever offered to their clients.

Hey, you can keep pounding away spending more and more in traditional media marketing, or you can get the power for yourself and control your business destiny.

Whether it's LTC, Life, Annuities, Disability, Investments, P&C, Mortgages or any other type of financial product, you'll always need prospects and leads. So when does it make sense not to know how to be effective on the most powerful marketing platform on the Planet?

Especially for pennies a day . . . .

Openings for this program are limited, and friends are already telling friends about it. So don't wait. WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO IMMEDIATELY to see the results other advisors are getting - learn how you can do the same - and then secure your spot:

One more thing, the minute the target is hit, we have to pull the video down and the program will be closed. We don’t want to create our own competition. So I want to apologize in advance if you go to the site and get the "Program Closed" notice.

Please Note: If it would work, I'd tell everyone, but we have to keep the group manageable and at an effective size for every member's benefit. But, until then, you still have time to get in. Just don't delay.

Here's the link to the video and sign-up link again:

We look forward to sharing this exciting information and the life-changing results you can achieve. Not many things are more enjoyable than that. So what are you waiting for?

Remember, you should always expect amazing results. . .


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