Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Microsoft Dynamics CRM & QlikView Business Intelligence

A Fully Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System


Redefine Customer Relationships with the Complete, Affordable

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution for Driving Measurable Improvements

Across all Customer Management Processes



Opportunity Management - Sales Process Management – Quotes - Order Management

Sales Force Management - Sales Literature - Direct E-Mail


Case Management - Complete View of Customer Information - Automated Routing and Queuing - Auto Response E-Mail - E-Mail Management

Service Scheduling - Searchable Knowledge Base - Service Contracts


Marketing Campaigns - Create Lists - Qualify Lists - Campaign Templates

Campaign Execution - Track marketing Information

http://www.advantageworks.com/images/SplitView.pngSales : Creating Demand and Generating New Business

INCREASE YOUR SALES PIPELINE with qualified sales leads and opportunities

MAXIMIZE YOUR SALES STRATEGY through centralized and coordinated sales processes

HELP YOUR SALES FORCE PREPARED important customer meetings by accessing sales opportunities and histories

UNIFY CUSTOMER E-MAIL AND RESPONSES by automatically capturing discussion threads as part of each customer’s history record

Marketing : Better Decision-Making and a Clearer View of Your Customers

CREATE A SINGLE VIEW of each customer based on every piece of information tour company collects

FOCUS YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS using intelligent list and segmentation tools to reach prospective customers

EXECUTE SMARTER MARKETING CAMPAIGNS with powerful new analytic tools

UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE TELLING YOU with reporting and analysis tools

Service : Provide More Value to Your Customers

RESPOND FASTER TO SERVICE ISSUES by delivering the right answers to customers in real-time

RESOLVE CUSTOMER ISSUE according to desired service levels

SCHEDULE AND DISPATCH SERVICE RESOURCES using new features that make it easy to find professionals who can deliver right services

Win the horse-race with Microsoft Dynamics CRM…


Business Intelligence

Simplifying Analysis for Everyone

‘ This is what TOP MANAGEMENT Looking for…

to monitor the business with one QLIK to VIEW ’

QlikView is the in-memory leader and the fastest spreading business intelligence platform in the world. QlikView is leading a new class of easy-to-use, fast and flexible business analysis

Solutions that empower individuals to improve organizational performance and drive innovation. QlikView utilities next generation patented in-memory association technology to make

Sophisticated analysis and reporting dramatically easier to deploy, use, and maintain.

QlikView makes it simple to deploy powerful analysis. QlikView takes advantage of 64-bit multi-core hardware platforms to allow thousands of users to access even billions of records of data. The QlikView in-memory data model allows an integrated view of information through dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, and reports all from a single tool.

‘ QlikView Business Intelligence able to work with

whatever your ERP system is, even it is a manual system…’

cid:image008.png@01C8D7B3.1693C540 QlikView display cid:image009.png@01C8D7B3.1693C540

In Memory Analysis and Reporting Driving Simplicity and Performance

Single Architecture for Dashboards, Analysis and reporting

Flexibility in Analysis

Fast to Deploy

Easy to Learn ; Easy to Use

Scaling Deployments

Actionable Analytics

Multiple Deployments Option

QlikView Business Intelligence

Strengthens Your Analysis and Decision Quality

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