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Strategic Negotiations

Warmest Greeting from the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines!

Negotiations and conflict resolution are becoming more important in organizations today. In the past, negotiation was a skill needed only by people who did it for a living. All that has changed in today’s world. If one were to put on political lens, all interactions are basically negotiations.

That means as a manager, you are frequently in a situation where your responsibility exceeds your authority! You will need to negotiate with a whole range of internal and external stakeholders and constituencies in order to get your job done. And in networks and flat structures, you are but one voice among many.

We are pleased to invite you and your colleagues to attend the:


October 14 to 18, 2008 at the AIM Campus, Makati City, Philippines

We have integrated negotiations and conflict resolution into our degree and certificate programs. Every year, we offer ONE public course on it. This year, however, we will be limiting the size of the class as we increase the interactive portions of the workshop (or “work-out”), introduce more complex negotiation exercises, and encourage a better understanding of one’s negotiating style preferences and set of skills.

Because we believe that negotiation must be an organizational capability, we have also made arrangements for organizations that would send a “team”.

Please find the course details below. Should you have any questions, please contact Maria / Monik at (021) 8356281/80 or /

We look forward to your participation in the program; and your favor to announce this program to other interested associated and friends.

Yours sincerely,

PROF. nieves r. confesor

Program Director


“Winning The Game!”

October 14 to 18, 2008 | AIM Campus, Makati City - Philippines


AIM’s Negotiations Program will equip you with the skills and values needed to become a more effective negotiator. The course starts by examining the activities involved in negotiations and shows how you can break new ground and move from competition to collaboration. You will also learn how to deal with the obstacles posed by difficult tactics, emotions and attitudes, your own biases and power difference. The “game” is no longer about scoring “baskets” or tipping in “hole-in-ones” but rather value creation that brings about a deep capacity to envision, bring about, sustain and modify agreements among many parties and across interlocking issues.


The Negotiations Program prepares the individual and corporate team to re-examine and upgrade its negotiating capabilities in order to forge new relationships and generate new value for the organization across collaborative networks and supply chains, across communities and borders, across transactions in a web of relationships. The course will likewise enhance problem-solving and decision-making skills across many contexts: CRM, sales agreements, labor agreements, company-community relationships, even peace agreements at home and in communities.


§ Negotiation Strategies: From Competition to Collaboration

§ Getting to the Table prepared: The Rules Have Changed!

§ Creating and Claiming Value: Managing the Tension

§ Assessing One’s Power and Capability: What Is Your Preferred Style?

§ Multi-party/Multi-issue Negotiations: Dealing with Several Publics

§ Making Agreements Implementable

§ Game Theory and Competitive Decision-Making

§ Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Mediation and the Use of Third Parties


The Negotiations Program will use various learning methodologies designed to give the participants opportunities to practice & gain hands-on learning. This will include simulation exercises, games, the case method, and other SLEs.


Companies and Individuals in sales, human resource development, law, banking, franchise operations, strategic business planning units.

Prof. Ma. Nieves R. Confesor
Program Director

Professor Ma. Nieves R. Confesor is a full-time core faculty of the Center for Development Management. She also teaches in the Master in Management (MM) Program of the W.Sycip Business (WSGSB) and in the Executive Education and Lifelong Learning Center (EXCELL).

She serves in different corporate and NGO boards as well as Expert Adviser to the ILO’s Governing Body. She also serves as Chairperson of the Negotiatiting Panel of the Government of the Philippines with the National Democratic Front.

Prof. Confesor holds a Master in Public Policy and Administration from Harvard University (1990) as an Edward S. Mason Fellow and a Master in Business Administration from the Graduate School of Business of the Ateneo de Manila University (1978).

Investment for the 5-day program is US$1,450 (covers tuition, materials, lunch & snacks)

Discounts are available for early bird payment (two-weeks prior) & for group participant of at least 3 pax.

Text Box:  Please fax this reply to +6221-8356281  O I would like to register in this program  O Please send me a list of other EXCELL programs  O Please send me a brochure of Strategic Negotiations Program Name : _______________________________________ Position : _______________________________________ Company : _______________________________________ Tel. No : _______________________________________ Fax. No : _______________________________________ Email : _______________________________________ Contact: Maria / Monik at phone#: +6221 8356280/81 Email: /

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