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Agenda Pelatihan Publik bulan September 2008

FREE!! CD Software "DISC Profile" in bahasa Indonesia ( 2 versions )
10 September, 2008, Gran Flora Hotel, Jakarta 09.00am-06.00pm
Instructor: Fidelis Waruwu MSc,Ed , MBTI Qualifying License, Certified Expanded DISC

11 September, 2008, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta 09.00 am-06.00 pm
Instructor : Wardhani Soedjono, Director of Consulting Indonesia of VADS Berhad
Former VP Service Delivery and Contact Management of PT Excelcomindo Pratama

18 September 2008, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta 09.00am- 06.00pm
Instructor : Joko Wiyono, Managing Director of PT Qasa Strategic Consulting


September 10, 2008, Gran Flora Hotel, Jakarta 09.00 am- 06.00 pm

FREE!! CD Software "DISC Profile" in bahasa Indonesia ( 2 versions) Worth Rp 750.000

Why DISC Profile ?

DISC Profile can help you:
Hire the best person for the right job
Increase sales and service success
Improve communication and staff performance
Enhance collaboration and reduce conflict

DISC is the four quadrant behavioral model based on the work of William Moulton Marston Ph.D. (1893 - 1947) to examine the behavior of individuals in their environment or within a specific situation. DISC looks at behavioral styles and behavioral preferences

DISC Profile Training Objectives

* Learn how to correctly administer, score, and apply the DISC Profile in their own workshops using supporting materials.
* Discover proven methods to enhance personal and organizational results.
* Identify the emotional intelligence, strengths, and the
abilities of individuals and know which jobs people are best suited.
* Predict a job applicant's behavior style before hiring or promoting them.
* Understand the temperament and ability of individual employees and managers.
* Know which job the individual is best suited
* Use assessments to hire the best person for the right job


Session 1: Understanding of the DISC Model of Human Behavior.
•DISC defined
•Understand the different kinds of reports and assessments available

Session 2: Interpreting and Debriefing DISC
•In-depth understanding of D, I, S, and C
•Recognize behaviors of others: effective communication strategies
•Energy line
•Behavioral Hierarchy

Session 3: Advance Interpreting and Debriefing DISC
•Interpret the DISC Graphs
•Position the instrument and explain the scoring instructions

Session 4: Practices (Case Studies)
•Demonstrate your understanding of DISC and explain the DISC Graph
•Unusual graphs
•Practice reading graphs

Fidelis Waruwu, M.Sc.Ed
Fidelis Waruwu, M.Sc.Ed is a behavior specialist consultant. He has gained numbers of certifications, such as Trainer Personal Formation for Formators (Roma, 1997); Trainer Living Values (Oxford) International MBTI Qualifying License and DISC Profile. Currently, he is teaching at Undergraduate and Master Programs as well as the Academic Vice-Dean at Psychology Faculty of Tarumanegara University. He has given numerous seminars and trainings such as Corporate Culture, MBTI and DISC Profile, Personality Excellent, Team Building, Leadership, Motivation, and Soft Skill.

GET TRAINED !! & GET FREE CD Software "DISC Profile" in bahasa Indonesia( 2 versions) worth Rp 750.000

Investment Fee
Early Bird Discount Rp 950.000 / person
(Payment received before August 31, 2008)
Normal : Rp 1.300.000/person
Group Discount 10% for 3 or more delegates from the same company
(include material, 2 times coffee break, fasting break and certificate)

For further information please call:
Service Leadership
T. 021-71404992 ,7993479
M.0812.802.8352 (Rina) or 0812.9766.822 (Tohap)



"YOU are a LEADER, Customer Service Excellence
Begins with YOU..!"
September 11, 2008, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta 09.00 am-06.00 pm

Customer Service Excellence will give you the competitive advantage you need to survive in a though business climate. In today's customer oriented business environment, people skills are critical for personal and organizational success.

As a Customer Service Manager / Team Leader, your success is measured by how well you get the work done with and through your team. People Management In Customer Service Training provides management training in the skills every Team Leader / Manager must have in order to achieve team synergy and success

Training Objectives:

This training will help you :
Understand your role as a service leader in achieving customer satisfaction
Establish team purpose and direction
Effectively hire, motivate, train and empower customer service representative
Monitor service level performance
team members to improve performance

Who Should Attend :
• Customer Service Manager
Customer Service Team Leader / Supervisor
• HR / Training Manager

Training Outline :

08.30 : Registration

09.00 : The Service Managers' Function as a Role Model
• Lead your Team with clear vision and direction
• Demonstrate the behaviors and skills necessary to be an effective role model for your team
• Display actions that build trust within your team
• Create an environment of learning and curiosity

10.30 : Coffee break

11.00 : Hiring and Training Customer Service Representative
• Identify key attributes for selecting high quality representative
• Some interview techniques
• Identify appropriate training courses for the team

12.30 : Lunch

13.15 : Performance Management and Monitoring in Customer Service
• Set team goals & Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
• Some techniques of Coaching & Counselling
• Manage difficult employees
• Samples of Reward and Recognition programs
• Some techniques of monitoring performance

15.15 : Afternoon tea

15.45 : Talent Management
• Identify the best from the crowd
• Grooming a new tim leader

18.00 : Closing & Fasting Break

Workshop Leader

Wardhani Soedjono

Being a practitioner in service leadership, Wardhani Soedjono possesses an in-depth experience for 30 years in various multinational companies.

During her time in IBM, Wardhani developed her individual leadership competency in various functions such as procurement, market-driven quality, contract management and lastly direct marketing. The experience has obviously reflected significance in relationship and collaboration with people within and outside the organization, such as the staff, peers, suppliers and customers.

In XL, Wardhani had the opportunity to lead different functions and managed carrying different missions such as human capital, corporate sales, channels and distribution and customer service. Successfully she had brought XL front-liners from a non-standardized into a well standardized contact centers using the worldly known COPC standards. Her last position in XL was Vice President, Service Delivery and Contact Management.

To lead effectively Wardhani equipped herself with various certification and endorsement, such as IBM's Malcolm Baldrige Assessor, IBM Benchmarking Coordinator and lastly Registered Coordinator of COPC.

Presently, while holding the position of Chief Representative Officer and Director of Consulting-Indonesia of VADS Berhad, Wardhani also serves as a Service Leadership Consultant and providing services as a public speaker, coach and facilitator in various subjects, e.g. Service Excellence, Customer Satisfaction, Tele-Marketing, Malcolm Baldrige Quality Program, Contact Center Management, and Competency Based Human Resource Management.

Investment Fee
Fee : Rp 1.500.000/person
Early Bird Discount Rp 1.100.000 /person
(Payment received before August 31, 2008)
Group Discount 10% for 3 or more delegates from the same company
(include material, 2 times coffee break, fasting break and

For further information please call:
Service Leadership
Jl. Mampang Prapatan IV/ 234 A
Jakarta Selatan - 12790
T. 021-71404992 ,7993479
M.0812.802.8352 (Rina) or 0812.9766.822 (Tohap)

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