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Liability Risk And Insurance
By Tony Dowding

Liability, Risk & Insurance offers you an easy way to track key events in the insurance industry. It will keep you up-to-date on events which you need to know about if you are to be sure of delivering the right solutions for your clients, and if you are to stay informed on trends in the courts.

Liability, Risk & Insurance is an essential and powerful way of managing liabilities, offering you practical advice on coping with legal exposures effectively. Every month, it follows events in your market to keep you informed and up to speed. You'll learn about awards and settlements, who is settling and for how much. This can be an invaluable financial planning aid as you assess the outcome of similar claims which might affect your own business.

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Plan for future claims effectively
You will be kept informed of all the developing areas of liability - such as:

  • tobacco
  • asbestos
  • internet
  • environmental
  • nuclear

You will also be briefed on product liability developments, professional perils, medical issues, employment issues and many other liability areas. All of this will help you develop business strategies to cope with the market and avoid poor planning decisions.

Become a subscriber, and you will immediately benefit from news about the outcome of important legal verdicts, and the status of cases if they are subsequently appealed - a particularly relevant feature if you are faced with an impending insurance dispute and want to know how the law stands as a result of case decisions made.

Alternative Insurance Capital
By Graham Village

Alternative Insurance Capital updates you on the full range of techniques available on the ART market - from financial reinsurance to risk securitisation and weather derivatives. You will be given in-depth and focused insights into the activities of all the key operators in the insurance industry - giving you time to develop competitive strategies for your own business.

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Alternative Insurance Capital is a total market service, covering insurance products, competitor activitiy and regulatory developments to provide you with practical guidance on operating effectively, efficiently and profitably.

  • New innovations in alternative risk transfer revealed and described
  • New deals probed to unveil the detail and figures behind the news
  • The only specially-tailored information package for the ART market

Keep your business ahead of your competitors and within the law
Alternative Insurance Capital provides you with the latest regulatory, accounting, legal and commercial news affecting the way insurance is financed. You'll be able to develop approaches for your business which operate within the legal frameworks of the countries you are working in. You'll be updated on all these changes - whether affecting:

  • financial insurance and reinsurance
  • catastrophe bonds
  • loss triggers
  • insurance futures
  • risk securitisation
  • insurance indices
  • capital market products
  • weather risk management

Data from well-respected insurance industry sources
Alternative Insurance Capital also benefits from making full use of the extensive database of companies provided by Informa's Insurance Intelligence Unit. This unique source of company data means that Alternative Insurance Capital will be able to present you with detailed financial charts and 5-year trends, allowing you to take effective decisions based on a detailed knowledge of competitor performance.

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