Monday, June 16, 2008

Account Request

Fitch is a market-leading provider of insurance information on a global basis. Our products contain financial and business information on over 6,500 major non-life and life insurance companies worldwide, including all Lloyd's Syndicates. Many insurance companies, regulators, banks, advisors etc. rely on our service to provide up to date information on the world's insurance companies.

The financial information on your company is an integral part of our database and to keep the information on your company current, please could you:

  • send one copy of your 2007 Annual Report or audited financial statements (with notes) both in your native language and, where possible, an English translation to me at the address below. If your accounts are not yet available, please let us know when we may expect them;
  • add our name to your mailing list for us to receive any future information including interim data where available.

Please note - this request for information is separate to any other information that you may have provided to Fitch Ratings as part of a rating relationship.

If you have a query relating to this request please do not hesitate to e-mail:

Yours faithfully

Kathy Tutt

Senior Administrator

Financial Database Group


3rd Floor, Westcombe House

2-4 Mount Ephraim

Tunbridge Wells

Kent TN4 8AS

United Kingdom

Tel No: 020 7682 7597

Fax No: 020 7682 7583

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