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Al-Ikhlas Training Consulting menginformasikan kembali agenda training dengan materi "FINANCE MANAGEMENT FOR NON FINANCE EXCECUTIVES & MANAGERS" pada tanggal 20 - 23 Januari 2009 di The Park Lane Hotel - Jakarta. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut silakan hubungi Rita atau Abdul di (021) 70099944, (0251) 2777929, 0818792929, 0818792727 atau email ke

Dr. Wiwiek M Daryanto, SE.Ak, MM, CMA
20 - 23 Januari 2009, The Park Lane Jakarta

In Today's business world non-finance managers are often called upon to make quick and accurate decision about financial issues. The higher you rise in an organization, the more important such financial and management accounting information. This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of financial management principles and equip you with the practical skills to develop informed and effective financial plans. You will learn business critical skills and analyzing financial statements, applied corporate finance, investment decision making, strategic management and the financial planning process. This course will enable you to contribute discussions about the financial performance of your organization or business unit and will give you the confidence to make decisions based on financial information.

The non-financial Excecutives & Manager in such areas as marketing, sales, manufacturing, engineering, or personnel as well as the general manager who has been promoted through the routes. (No prior knowledge of accounting is necessary).

- Provide a basic understanding of accounting elements.
- Familiarize the participant with the relevant financial information needed to make management decisions.
- Practice using financial information in managerial decisions.
- Understand the basic concepts of financial reporting in the profit-and-loss statement and balance sheet.
- Understand and work more effectively with the financial managers of the organization.

- Understand annual reports, financial ratios, and budgeting.
- Strengthen understanding of the role of the financial manager.
- Increase comprehension of current analytical practices and techniques using “real-life” situations.
- Learn to use financial information in managerial decision making.
- Improve comprehension of the language of business.
- Increase ability to communicate with financial executives, ask relevant questions, and understand responses.

1. Introduction to Basic Accounting
2 Financial Reporting and Analysis
3. Published Annual Reports
4. Financial Ratios
5. Current Asset Management
6. Cost Information and Decision Making
7. Break Even Point Analysis
8. Risk Analysis
9. Operating Budgets
10. Capital Budgeting
11. Cost of Capital


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