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Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has emerged as one of the leading business and economic issues nowadays. With the escalating pressures from competition and the growing global business opportunities, companies are now seeking ways to increase efficiencies and lower operating expenses.

Deciding to outsource may be an easy solution for most managers and executives, but analyzing the cost and quality implications, finding the right BPO provider and building strong relationships are some of the challenging tasks to consider.

The Asian Institute of Management offers “A 360-Degree View of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry” which will be held from May 26 to 28, 2008 at the AIM Campus. The program will discuss Business Process Outsourcing from the perspective of the buyer as well as the vendor.

Managers and executives will gain insights on how to manage change, analyze the outsourcing opportunity, make informed decision on choosing a vendor and execute an outsourcing project. The goal of the program is to allow your organization to focus on its core business areas.

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a 360-Degree View of the

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry

May 26 to 28, 2008 | AIM Campus, Philippines

With the escalating pressures from competition and the growing global business opportunities, companies are now seeking ways to lower operating expenses & increase efficiencies. Now, most of the leading business companies of the world are adopting BPO as a strategic business solution. The program is designed to help managers understand how outsourcing can help their organization focus on more value-added undertakings such as business planning, forecasting & analysis.


§ To create awareness, understanding and appreciation of the opportunities, issues, problems and analytical tools used in setting up and operating BPO.

§ To develop participants’ skills of problem analysis, formulation of alternatives, decision-making and planning implementation, especially as applied to the outsourcing industry.

§ To be able to identify the potential customers of BPO.

§ To understand how BPO works and how to select BPO provider for your company.

§ To understand large organization’s need for outsourcing.

o How to get the right quality for the right price.

§ To understand the suppliers and customers perspectives.


Day 1

§ Overview of the outsourcing business and industry

§ Why outsource and where (Buyer side):

o Onshore – offshore – near shore

§ Captive or Third party?

§ Virtual captive

Day 2

§ Understanding Supply Side of BPO Business (from BPO operators)

§ Scanning the Market

§ Making Strategic Choices

§ Important Issues in BPO Management

o Motivation

o Process Improvement

o Work Force Management

Day 3

§ Structure Learning Exercises: Meeting of Minds:

o Supplies and Demands

§ Ancillary Service Guest Speakers


Mr. Mohan Kulkarni is an International banker and BPO specialist with over 30 years of experience in the financial services and BPO Industry, spanning various global markets primarily across Asia and the Middle East. Following a successful banking career, he founded a financial BPO/KPO company “FinSouce Inc.”, which was acquired by the TeleTech Holdings in November 2005. Currently, Mr. Kulkarni serves as the CEO of TeleTech India, a joint venture between Bharti Group and TeleTech USA.

Prof. Purba Rao is a Fellow in Management (equivalent to Doctorate) from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Her area of expertise is in quantitative analysis including the application of quantitative tools in key enterprise operating areas. Prof. Rao holds a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Calcutta and Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics (honors) from Presidency College Calcutta.

Prof. Victoria S. Licuanan is the current Dean of the Institute. Her areas of academic training, research and teaching is in environmental analysis, finance and negotiations. Prof. Licuanan went to Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, under various scholarship grants.


US$900 covers:

tuition, course material, certificate of completion,

and meals (snacks & lunch during the course).

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