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Development Managers

Program for Development Managers

May 5 to 23, 2008 | AIM Campus, Philippines


The challenge for managing organizations implementing development initiatives is enormous. The PDM is an intensive three-week course conducted by the AIM for development practitioners yearning for a more systematic and professional induction into the discipline now known as “Development Management”.

What does it have to offer?

The design, approach, and learning materials developed for PDM reflect AIM’s belief that the development manager should demonstrate competence in basic functional, personal, organizational and environmental skills. Moreover, he/she must be able to analyze and systematically process information in an integrative manner for decision-making.

The course provides the forum where the various development practitioners share and learn from their experiences with the guidance of the AIM Faculty. The revised course offering provides a comprehensive exposure and training on the tools of development management required by practitioners. The course is designed base on an assessment of the needs of practitioners. It seeks to open the minds and vistas on the roles and responsibilities for government, business, private volunteer and people’s organization in development that can be made supportive of and complementary to each other. The Faculty comprises experienced practitioners with wide knowledge and hands-on experience in development work.

For whom?

It is for development practitioners in government, business, private voluntary and people’s organizations desiring for a more systematic induction into the rigor and discipline in the field of development management.


At the end of the course, the participants should be able:

· To deepen their understanding of the social, political, ecological and cultural dimensions of emerging development trends and issues;

· To enhance their capabilities in developing strategies for engaging various sectors and development actors in implementing development initiatives;

· To enhance their skills and capabilities in developing strategies foe managing and leading organizations, systems and structures for the implementation of development initiatives; and

· To formulate strategies for long-term viability and sustainability of Development Initiatives and Institutions.


Ø Prof. Mario Antonio G. Lopez

Ø Prof. Benjamin C. Bagadion, Jr., Ph.D.

Ø Prof. Horacio M. Borromeo, Jr.

Ø Prof. Marie Lisa M. Dacanay

Ø Prof. Soledad A. Hernando, Ph.D.

Ø Prof. Juan A. Kanapi

Ø Prof. Raymundo L. Roberto


The PDM is directed for key decision makers of government agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), donor institutions, and business firms with interest and operations in rural and urban depressed areas.


The PDM candidate must have substantial experience in development work and presently occupying a position that entails involvement in policy-making and/or program operations.

The candidate must have a University Degree however, this requirement is waived for candidates with professional experience judged to be equivalent to the course demands of undergraduate degree.

Applicants must be nominated by their respective organizations and should be freed from work responsibilities for the duration of this intensive and full-time study. English proficiency is a must.


Module I – The Development Environment

The Development Manager as a Strategist

ð The Development Environment

ð Sustainable Development

ð Policy Analysis

ð Area Analysis

ð SWOT Analysis

Module II – Engaging Stakeholders

The Development Manager as a Mobilizer

ð Converting Strategies into Programs

ð Stakeholder Analysis

ð Community Mobilization

ð Negotiation and Conflict Management

Module III – Managing Organizations

The Development Manager at a Key Decision Maker

ð Managing and Sustaining Change in Organization

ð Leadership and Organizational Development

ð Social Marketing

ð Financial Management

Module IV – Ensuring Sustainability

The Development Manager as Institution Builder

ð Measuring Impact of Development Initiatives

ð Sustainability Strategies

ð Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

ð Re-Entry Plans


AIM issues a Certificate of Completion to participants who fulfill course requirements.


US$1,750 per participant, which includes:

tuition fee, computer fee, materials, lunch, and snacks

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