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Computer Animation Diploma Cavendish

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Cavendish College London menawarkan Program Computer Animation Diploma dengan penjelasan program sebagai berikut:

Computer Animation Diploma
Computer Animation is one of te must rapidly expanding areas of creative endeavour and technological development. Computer generated sequences in feature films and television, animated simulation rides and walktrough, computer games and virtual environments are some of the more visible applications of 3D-computer animation. The expansion of the market and the application areas of computer animation are predicted to have and explosive growth over the coming years. The field of computer animation represents the unique mix between art and science.
What do I study ?
The main objectives of this programme are to develop student's technocal competency and extand ability the field of computer animation. The course is structured so as to cater for both of these equally important aspects.
Course Content :
Widely acknowledged as the industry standard - max is a conceptual modelling and photo-realistic animation program used by a wide range of creative professionals, including animators, architects, product and interior designers and games and multi-media designers. It is used to generate a real colour image of the object and if required to animate it. Powerful animation routines allow an object to be viewed dinamically in its real image format. The course approaches max from a design, rather than a media perspectuve and would ideally suit those individuals from a graphic on 3d design environtment. However, from all back-grounds would benefit.
Photoshop is the industry standard bitmap editing application and it extensively used by graphic designers and illustration. It is a bitmap-based program that allows you to manipulate and retouch photographs and scanned images. The program is looked at both as a 'stand-alone" application and also as partnering soft-ware for 3d studio max. Topics wll include an in-depth look at the Photoshop toolset followed by examination of the programme in a professional design context including : Graphic Design, Illustrationa dn the specialist application of Textures and Graphics for 3D Visualitation.
A time-based program which allows you to produce movies from imported video, sound and still images and graphics.
Creative ideas and the theoretical side of animation will be covered through lectures and conventional and clay animation. Using speciallised equipment ad studios, students will also investigate the secret of motion.
On completion of this course students would have created substantial works for digital media. The course will provide students with practical and academic training and enable them to make informed decisions about their future progress. Successful student may choose to go straight into employment in this rapidly expanding digital media industry. The computer Animation Diploma also provides a number of pathway opportunities in further and Higher Education.
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